Canvassers and campaign staff needed! (Laporte County)

Hey there,

I'm James Gibson, Congressional candidate for Indiana District 2. I'm putting together a team to get the message out!

I need people who are interested in:

*Real world environmentalism - The smog cloud over Asia, The plastics continent in the ocean, California wildfires, and the Water needs of the entire west coast, all have solutions with existing tech. No matter how clean the US gets, it wont matter if we ignore the worlds worst polluters. This will create jobs, support the private sector and cost NOTHING in new taxes. By giving this to the private sector, we wont pay at all, but will get more revenue through people simply having jobs and paying income tax. Many of these problems can be cured within the next 10 years while creating jobs right HERE.

*Internet Bill Of Rights - We need to clearly define the rights of every individual online today. Naturally our jurisdiction ends with those based in the states, but its a good start. We need a clear legal definition of hate speech, Right to privacy, Free Speech clearly defined and protected, and much more. Not only will we want rights advocacy groups to get involved and industry experts, but we want the public to weigh in on what rights should be considered. The only people not invited? Twitter, Facebook, Google, and all the tech giants. They're the reason why we need to spell out rights.

*Secure and protected border - The entire immigration system is due for an overhaul. America has one of the most generous immigration systems on the planet. However, bureaucracy drives up costs and increases wait times. Not to mention, when people cut in line and come illegally, it further hurts those waiting to come in because it removes seats. The first step HAS to be a secure entry followed by a streamlined legal route that will help people of all walks of life join in this great American experiment.

*Healthcare Reform - The healthcare industry is a complex organism that has no fast track. We cant simply force people to purchase a product (Insurance) simply for being alive. We need to address the costs of healthcare from prescriptions to surgery. Give a basic universal expectation of affordable care WITH option to purchase additional coverage or to work within a network. The idea that healthcare is unaffordable without paying insurance fees every month is ludicrous. You should be able to afford an emergency uninsured with the option to purchase health insurance to help cover things like specialists and preventative care like physicals and nutritionist advice. This will keep costs low for you and allow the industry to invest in innovation without gouging their own customers.

*And a dedicated local revitalization effort - Stores being used as cheap storage instead of retail space. Scarce parking in city areas. Opportunity going to the same cities and ignoring everyone in between. This lopsided approach to development and planning is creating huge wealth divide within the same tiny area. Cities are suffering year by year with razor thin budgets and 20 miles down the road, the next city is booming. Why? Because incentives are disproportionate and ill planned. By simply offering existing incentives to develop the smaller cities, we can build the district up, increase wages, and not spend anything extra in taxes. The idea is growth without spending. Solving small problems may seem like micromanagement, but this district is bleeding from thousands of tiny cuts.

Under my guidance, this government will work for you locally and federally like never before. Over the next few weeks and months I'll be sharing exciting new ideas to help you. Real fixes to real problems, including my website to keep you informed on the latest happenings nationally and locally without bias or editorializing. Imagine being able to unplug from politics and still remain informed.

I need passionate people ready to help make a real quantifiable difference in this country. I need canvassers, social media influencers, Campaign staff and management and much more! No matter who you are or your particular skillset, I need YOU. Lets make a difference and restore sanity today!
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